Professional Experience

Nelima has 26 years of experience in the Legal Field including 7½ years private practice. For nearly 20 years she has worked within as well as headed the legal departments of corporate and multinational corporate structures including:Thyssen Krupp, Bharat Forge Limited, and Thermax Limited, where she headed the Legal Function, the managing team of lawyers for 15 years.

Jan 1999 – Mar 2014

Company - Thermax Limited
Position - Group Legal Head

Nelima was responsible for all legal matters of the Thermax Group of India and a number of its Joint Venture Companies globally. Her duties involved managing day-to-day corporate matters, corporate expansion, appointment of agents & representatives, appointment and supervision of outside counsels globally for litigation and acquisitions, and real estate management.Nelima also formulated vendor general terms and conditions, considered the paramount business interests, reputation and objectives of the Company, undertook risk analysis, anticipated possible legal issues, formulated and executedlegal strategy, managed legal cost containment, contracts and leases, documentation for tenders, and global contracts.Nelima also served as an advisor on IP & Trademark matters as well as negotiated and settled international technical licenses/collaborations.

During this time Nelima was responsible for the formation of Joint Ventures with Babcock & Wilcox USA and SPX Corporation, USA and advised them on all business, compliance and commercial matters including adaption of the US - FCPA and Export Control requirements.Nelimaassisted the CFO’s office for documentation required for project financing and setting up facilities for the JVs. She also provided legal counsel to all the group companies and the various divisions/verticals of the Company including the Product and Project Groups, which included advise on customer contracts, issues regarding customer payments, performance issues, delayed deliveries, LDs, etc.

Nelima was Responsible for initiating arbitrations, preparing defence for all significant legal claims, arbitrations, and disputes including litigation for patent protection. During this time Nelimaalso executed the following:

  • Was responsible for of Joint Ventures and execution of Shareholders Agreement.
  • Worked on successful International Acquisitions in Europe, including legal due diligence abroad.
  • Managed Technology Licenses, Tenders, Contracts, Litigations/Arbitrations, Patents & Trademarks.
  • Successfully concluded litigation in Germany and Russia in relation to disputes regarding delivery of Products.
  • Managed negotiations and executions of global customer contracts.
  • Managed and lead a legal team of in-house lawyers.
  • Registered the Thermax Name and Logo Globally.

Dec 1995 – Dec 1998

Company - Bharat Forge Limited
Position - Manager – Legal

During her time at Bharat Forge LimitedNelima executed the following:

  • Undertook all legal aspects and in-house drafting of various contracts.
  • Managed negotiations and execution of Commercial Contracts including Infrastructure & Power Projects
  • Managed appointment of Distributors
  • Managed Litigation/ Arbitration in India before Civil & High Courts.
  • Managed IP including Patents, Trademarks & Logos including application & receipt of trademark registrations in India.

May 1994 – Dec 1995

Company - Krupp Industries
Position - Legal (The only legal associate at Krupp)

During her time at Krupp IndustriesNelima was responsible for the following:

  • Tenders: Tender vetting, Prequalification and documentation for Public and Private Sector Companies.
  • Contracts: Negotiation and execution of Contracts – Commercial Contracts for sale of products in India & Abroad
  • Litigation/ Arbitration in India before Civil & Criminal Courts and Arbitrations.

Jan 1986 – April 1994

Company - Karnik&Karnik
Position - Legal Associate

During her time at Karnik&Karnik Nelima’s duties included:

  • Drafting and pleading for Civil Litigation on behalf of Individuals, Major Corporates, and Banks in Pune, Maharashtra, in the Civil Courts.

Business Excellence & Achievements

Nelima’sexcellence in business and notable achievements include the following:

  • Formed Joint Ventures with Babcock & Wilcox, USA and SPX Corporation, USA
  • Concluded negotiations and securing repeat contracts with Dangote Industries - Nigeria, and Longulf Trading - UK for National Cements Company - Yemen.
  • Securedthe appointment of Thermax as dedicated Vendor by Shell Oil – Amsterdam & Singapore.
  • Concluded a dispute with General Electric – Florence, Italy prior to its escalation into litigation.
  • Won arbitration awards against PSU’s such as ONGC, IOCL and Gail as well as recovering moneys.
  • Received reliefs from the Supreme Court in favour of Thermax Limited.